Back Stage Management

The role of the Backstage Manager/assistant often varies a great deal from what is standard in a professional show.

Students in this course will be taught to be responsible for the organization and tidiness of the backstage areas, for ensuring that any set changes or costume changes happen smoothly and efficiently, and for ensuring that the models have any props that they might need, at the time they are needed.

Students will also participate in Mr. & Miss Chhattisgarh, 2020.


The students who wish to join us need to have a flare in fashion. Prior knowledge, deep interest, natural flare and hardworking nature are required to work with models and make a career in Backstage Management. We handpick talented youth and polish them into industry ready talent and give them an opportunity to work on live projects.

Training Opportunities & Scope

Upon successful completion of the Course, students work across a wide spectrum of careers in fashion, working successfully and influentially to establish their own labels or to work as company designers, freelancers, and consultants or as journalists, stylists, photographers, illustrators, editors, and retailers.

Note: There’s a progression point at the end of this course and, in case students wish to progress to the second year (optionally advanced diploma), all units of the preceding year must normally have been passed.

Upcoming Batches

  • 13th January, 2020
  • 10th February, 2020
  • 16th March, 2020
Limited Seats